Give Now

The Gospel motivates us to give of our time, talent, and treasure to ensure that the generations to come will hear the Gospel, come to faith, and join the saints in Paradise on the last day. This online giving form allows you to make a one-time gift, or if you register your account (securely maintained by Vanco, our online giving partner), you can set up recurring giving from your checking or savings account.

Explanation of the accounts (as of 8/28/2017):

  • General Operating: Support the day-to-day operations of Immanuel Lutheran Church and School, including salaries, supplies, equipment, utilities, and maintenance. This is the area of greatest need.
  • Brick Principle: A special fund for paying down the principle on the loan for the brick repair work done on the church building in 2015.
  • Secret Angel: Provides for tuition assistance for needy families.
  • Tuition Fund: For payment of Immanuel Lutheran School tuition.

These funds are subject to change as needs come and go within the life of the Church. Should you find an inconsistency in the fund listing with the descriptions, please contact us so we can get it up to date.