Our Philosophy

We value the Gospel.all three

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to all that we do.  The message of salvation is our primary message, and it is our primary motivation.  God’s desire to have His message proclaimed is the reason that He has given us talents. 

We value children.

God has gifted us with children who are valued by Him for who they are.  He intends for His children to be complete persons with a secure and growing faith.  He intends for His children to be equipped with knowledge and skills for effective witness to society. 

We value parents.

We assist parents in their responsibility as the primary educators of their children.  We encourage and support parents by providing services that benefits children and their families. 

We value our staff.

We encourage our staff members to develop their God-given talents and use them to God’s glory.

Staff, students, and parents speak the Gospel message to each other as we nurture relationships among us and relationships with our congregations and communities.