What We Offer


Our school teaches all the standard elementary school subjects that are taught through the public school system.  Besides this, students learn the principle doctrines of the Bible, Bible stories of the Old and New Testaments, a selection of Christian hymns, carols, and Bible verses.  All students are required to take all subjects of the curriculum.

Religion Classes

Religious training is the main purpose for our Lutheran school.  All students will receive daily religious instruction and the Christian faith will be shared in all subject areas. 

Our pastor and principal will teach the religion course in the 7th and 8th grade, preparing the students for the rite of confirmation and for communicant membership in the congregation.  The course will help non-members understand why we do or do not accept certain kinds of behavior and actions. 

Wednesday Chapel Service

Each Wednesday, Immanuel Lutheran School holds a morning worship service.  All students attend each of these services, and parents and friends are also encouraged to attend.  Offerings are used for charity and mission projects.  Each classroom has the opportunity to prepare and lead a chapel service during the school year.  During Advent and Lent, students attend the church service in place of the morning chapel service.

musicalrevisedBand and Piano Program

Students interested in either band or piano in 5th through 8th grade will receive lessons by the public school band director.  Students will participate in a full band at the public school.  Immanuel band students may prepare and perform an ensemble program for special functions or meetings. 

Piano lessons are offered during the school day.  Parents can make arrangements with the piano teacher to have their child participate in the piano program.

Choral Music Program
Immanuel Lutheran School has a multiple choir system designed to answer the needs of the various age levels.  The Sonshine Choir (grades K-3), the Junior Choir (grades 4-8), and the Jubilate Choir (select students from grades 4-8) are part of the curriculum.  Their primary function is to provide liturgical music for worship services.  The choirs will enrich services once a month.  Faithful participation, cooperation, and attendance are required of all students.




Physical Education

Physical education classes are scheduled for all students at Immanuel.  State law requires full participation of each student unless a statement from the family physician indicates otherwise.  If the student’s activity needs to be altered because of illness or an injury, a note is required from the parent or doctor that states why the limitation is necessary.


Athletic Program

Immanuel Lutheran School’s athletic program includes basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and track.  Opportunities to participate in cross-country, cheerleading, and dance line are offered when available.  An athletic fee of $20.00 ($40.00 cap per family) will be charged for each of the team sports.  This fee helps defray the cost of transportation, officials, and equipment.  Other fees may be required.